America’s midstream energy infrastructure, the pipelines that move U.S. energy supplies to market is crucial as we strive for American Energy Independence.


A video series presented by SL Advisors featuring insights on energy infrastructure and other investment topics


The Shale Revolution

Simon Lack of SL Advisors explains how the Shale Revolution is the most fantastic American success story.

The Short Cycle Advantage of Shale

Big Oil is turning to shorter term projects to reduce the uncertainty associated with long term projects. Simon Lack of SL Advisors explains the impact of this shift on the oil & gas industry.

The Tax Drag on MLP Funds

MLP-dedicated funds are structured as corporations, which means they pay corporate taxes. Simon Lack of SL Advisors explains the tax impact on MLP fund returns.

Could Oil “Super-Spike” Above $150

Falling investment in new sources of oil supply are creating the conditions for much higher prices in the years ahead. Simon Lack of SL Advisors explains why.

Pipeline Investors Fight Climate Change

Energy infrastructure is behind the world’s biggest CO2 reductions. Simon Lack of SL Advisors explains why.

America’s Plastics Revolution

As a result of the Shale Revolution, America has become the world’s leader in the production of plastics. Simon Lack of SL Advisors explains why.

MLP Investors: The Great Betrayal

Distribution cuts and adverse tax outcomes have alienated traditional MLP investors. A shift to corporate ownership is leading to dividend hikes with better returns ahead.

Valuing Pipelines like Real Estate

As the midstream energy infrastructure sector transitions from MLPs to corporations we believe the method of valuation needs to change with it. Watch Simon Lack explain why.