America leads the world in oil and gas production. We believe midstream energy infrastructure offers predictable cash flows to investors..


A video series presented by SL Advisors featuring insights on energy infrastructure and other investment topics


The Fed’s Own Goal

Simon Lack of SL Advisors discusses the Federal Reserve and their future goals for the economy.

Americans Work More Remotely

Simon Lack of SL Advisors discusses how remote work is affecting the real estate markets and why pipelines are an attractive sector.

Infrastructure’s Energy Demands Attention

Simon Lack of SL Advisors discusses midstream energy infrastructure and why the focus on infrastructure is key.

The Federal Cost of Fighting Inflation

Simon Lack of SL Advisors discusses the Federal Reserves approach to combating inflation and it’s effect on the economy.

How BP got it wrong

Simon Lack of SL Advisors discusses the BP energy outlook for 2023 and discusses the implications of the information.

AMLP Trips Up On Tax Complexity

Simon Lack of SL Advisors discusses the tax consequences of investing in a fund with 100% MLP exposure.

Why Aren’t Renewables Stocks Soaring?

Simon Lack of SL Advisors discusses renewables and the prices that come with them.

How SeaForest is Helping Reduce CO2

Simon Lack of SL Advisors discusses methane’s effect on greenhouse gas emissions and the role SeaForest plays to combat this issue.

Why Climate Extremists Are Confused

Simon Lack of SL Advisors discusses the effects climate extremists are having on midstream energy infrastructure.

Tellurian Pays For Performance in Advance

Simon Lack of SL Advisors discusses Charif Souki’s role at Cheniere and where his new company, Tellurian, is headed.

The Feds Problem With Housing Inflation

Simon Lack of SL Advisors discusses core CPI, OER, and how housing inflation affects the every day consumer but not the federal reserve.

Are China and India Causing Global Warming?

Simon Lack discusses the effects on China and India’s increased use of coal, ever growing CO2 emissions, and their effects on the world.

Resorting to Energy Price Caps

Simon Lack of SL Advisors discusses the G7, price caps on European energy, and the role CO2 emissions plays in the energy sector.

China Bluffs on Climate

Simon Lack discusses China’s increase in CO2 Emissions, Europe’s ever rising gas prices, and the overall state of energy in the world.

Will Energy Prices Push Europe Into Recession?

Simon Lack discusses the Europe energy crisis and the outlook for the state of Europe going forward.

The Fed Is Digging Itself A Hole

Simon Lack of SL Advisors discusses the Fed’s current interest rate decisions, short term rates, 10 year treasury yields, and the current state of the economy.

Are we in a recession?

Simon Lack discusses the state of our current economy and if we are currently in a recession and where we are expected to go.

Energy Sector Gives White House A Lesson

Simon Lack discusses the 75 basis point hike and its affect on the energy sector and economy.

Go Hug A Climate Extremist!

Simon Lack of SL Advisors discusses the disadvantages of ESG investing and how climate extremists are beneficial for energy investors.

ESG is a scam

Simon Lack of SL Advisors discusses why ESG is a scam and his views on ESG investing.

Have pipelines earnings reached their peak?

Simon Lack discusses pipeline earning reports for 2022 thus far.

Is the Federal Reserve causing high gas prices?

Simon Lack discusses the Federal Reserve, Inflation, and Midstream Energy Infrastructure.

What’s the deal with natural gas? 

Simon Lack of SL Advisors discusses the great outlook for US natural gas in 2022.

A Recap of March 2022

Simon Lack looks back on all of SL Advisors blog posts from March 2022.

The EIA’s 2022 Annual Energy Outlook

Simon Lack discusses the EIA’s 2022 Annual Energy Outlook and reviews their forecasted direction for the energy sector in the next 30 years.

A Recap of February 2022

Simon Lack reviews all of his blog posts from February 2022 regarding LNGs, midstream energy infrastructure, pipelines, renewables, inflation, and more.

The End of Modern Monetary Theory

Simon Lack, Managing Partner of SL Advisors, LLC, discusses Modern Monetary Theory, U.S. publicly held debt, inflation, and his book “Bonds are Not Forever”

Inflation and the Energy Sector

Simon Lack explains inflation and the energy sector.

SL Advisors Midstream Energy and Inflation Outlook – December 16, 2021

Update on Midstream Energy and Inflation Outlook – December 16, 2021

SL Advisors Energy Infrastructure Update May 28, 2020

Update on Energy Infrastructure May 28, 2020

Fighting Climate Change with Trees

Simon Lack explains fighting climate change with trees.

Asia Should Use More Natural Gas

Simon Lack explains why Asia should use more natural gas.

Stop Flaring

Simon Lack explains flaring in the Permian Basin.

SL Advisors Webinar October 24, 2019

Simon Lack explains Volumes, Cashflow and ESG.

ESG Investors Like Pipelines

Simon Lack explains why ESG funds are benefitting pipeline corporations more than partnerships.

The Next 20 Years In Energy

Simon Lack discusses the long term outlook for fossil fuel demand and the role fossil fuels will play in the energy mix of the future.

Webinar: Pipelines Gushing Cash

In this Webinar, Simon Lack discusses the pipeline sector’s growing Free Cash Flow.

Pipelines Show Improving Risk Return

In this video, Simon Lack discusses the improving environment of pipeline stocks within the framework of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM).

Pipelines Gushing Cash

In this video, Simon Lack explains why pipelines will be generating significantly more cash flow over the next 3 years and what this means for investors.

Webinar: The Shale Revolution: Where’s All This Production Going?

Simon and Henry review the prospects for continuing growth in US oil and gas production. 

Webinar: 2019 Outlook for North American Energy Infrastructure

We discuss the outlook for U.S. energy infrastructure. The sector has frustrated investors for the past two years, but there are reasons to believe improved returns are ahead. We’ll explain why.

2018 Lessons From the Pipeline Sector

Feedback on 2018 blogs reveal investor thoughts on the pipeline sector. Dividend cuts and hopes for a recovery predominate. Watch Simon Lack review the major themes of 2018.

The Shale Revolution

Simon Lack of SL Advisors explains how the Shale Revolution is the most fantastic American success story.

The Short Cycle Advantage of Shale

Big Oil is turning to shorter term projects to reduce the uncertainty associated with long term projects. Simon Lack of SL Advisors explains the impact of this shift on the oil & gas industry.

The Tax Drag on MLP Funds

MLP-dedicated funds are structured as corporations, which means they pay corporate taxes. Simon Lack of SL Advisors explains the tax impact on MLP fund returns.

Could Oil “Super-Spike” Above $150

Falling investment in new sources of oil supply are creating the conditions for much higher prices in the years ahead. Simon Lack of SL Advisors explains why.

Pipeline Investors Fight Climate Change

Energy infrastructure is behind the world’s biggest CO2 reductions. Simon Lack of SL Advisors explains why.

America’s Plastics Revolution

As a result of the Shale Revolution, America has become the world’s leader in the production of plastics. Simon Lack of SL Advisors explains why.

MLP Investors: The Great Betrayal

Distribution cuts and adverse tax outcomes have alienated traditional MLP investors. A shift to corporate ownership is leading to dividend hikes with better returns ahead.

Valuing Pipelines like Real Estate

As the midstream energy infrastructure sector transitions from MLPs to corporations we believe the method of valuation needs to change with it. Watch Simon Lack explain why.