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Pipeline Payouts Holding Up

Most companies get a free pass today on cutting their dividend. So far this month nine S&P500 companies have suspended their dividend, with another half dozen making reductions. Goldman Sachs expects S&P500 dividends to be reduced by 25%. Energy has been hit as much as any sector. Pipeline stocks have fallen hard, with the broad-based […]

Can An ETF Go Negative?

Monday was the day crude oil futures traded as low as negative $41 per barrel. As with the 1987 stock market crash, Monday’s participants will recall that date for the rest of their lives, the way I do October 19, 1987. Shortage of oil storage is the problem – nobody is going anywhere, so we’re […]

Energy Does More Than Move People

As the world’s economy has stopped moving, demand for transportation fuel has collapsed. The latest weekly report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) presents the statistical reality in our country. Gasoline supplies are down 46% from a year ago. Kerosene (jet fuel) is down 72%. Nobody has anywhere to go. Interestingly, propane supplies are […]

Texas Ponders Oil Cuts

Yesterday the Texas Rail Road Commission (RRC) began their public hearings via Zoom on a request from some oil companies that they limit oil production (“proration”) to avoid unnecessary waste (see Navigating the Collapsing Oil Market). On the surface, it seems a pretty straightforward question. The pandemic has crushed oil demand, which is estimated to […]

What Do They Know That We Don’t?

The other day a client asked if we’d looked at insider buying among management teams of pipeline companies. So far this year, Energy Transfer (ET) dominates with $108MM, representing 63% of all the insider buys so far. Kelcy Warren receives plenty of criticism, not least from this blog (see Energy Transfer’s Weak Governance Costs Them), […]

Pipeline Companies Trim New Projects

Coming into 2020 the pipeline sector was in good shape. Spending on growth projects peaked in 2018, and lower growth capex combined with rising cashflow from existing assets were set to drive Free Cash Flow (FCF) higher. Across the companies that are in the American Energy Independence Index it was on course to more than […]

Natural Gas Demand Still Stable

Crude oil drew the headlines this week. Trump’s Wednesday tweet forecasting a 10 Million Barrel per Day (MMB/D) agreed supply reduction (“Could be as high as 15 Million Barrels”) caught markets off guard. The demand collapse is astonishing. The world was consuming around 100 MMB/D of crude oil and liquids before the coronavirus. Estimates are […]

Navigating the Collapsing Oil Market

To the list of previously inconceivable events, add Texas oil drillers asking for their regulator to impose production curbs. Pioneer Natural Resources (PXD) and Parsley Energy (PE) filed a request with the Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) to hold a hearing on the state’s oil and gas production. It’s over 40 years since they last considered […]

The Disappearing MLP Buyer

Approximately 80% of our investments in midstream energy infrastructure are corporations – we invest in MLPs selectively. There’s a big difference between investing in pipeline corporations with their wide investor base, and MLPs whose pool of natural buyers is withering. That’s why eight of the ten biggest names in the American Energy Independence Index (AEITR) […]

Update From Williams Companies

Yesterday Williams Companies (WMB) provided an investor update on their business. WMB isn’t directly involved in crude oil, and they’re best known for owning Transco, a natural gas pipeline network running down the eastern U.S. So far, natural gas demand is un-impacted, and slightly above historical norms. WMB provided some information on their overall sensitivity […]