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The Consumer Is Ready To Spend

“Coiled, ready to go.” is how JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon described consumers last week. “Consumers have $2 trillion in more cash in their checking accounts than they had before Covid.” he added. Borrowers are in such good shape that JPMorgan reported a 4% drop in loans when they released their quarterly earnings. Stimulus cash is […]

Capturing More CO2

What if CO2 emissions could be captured before they entered the atmosphere? Sulfur dioxide is already removed from the emissions of coal-burning power plants. Why not CO2 from burning natural gas for power, steel or cement production? The endless hype over solar panels and windmills, overstating their competitiveness, downplaying their intermittency – none of this […]

Energy Policy Meets Reality

Public policy is becoming more important to energy investors. Democrats now own the climate change issue. The desire of progressives to advance a world of solar panels and windmills is confronting pragmatists who’d like to keep the lights on. Rising oil and gas prices are helpful to the energy transition, by improving renewables’ competitiveness. But […]

Reaction To Our Goldman/Archegos Post

Our blog post on Sunday, Why Goldman Unsurprisingly Avoided Archegos Losses drew a wide range of comments, both on social media and via direct emails to me. Many observers dislike Goldman – their continued success and adept avoidance of mistakes made by others leads to grumbling of sharp practice. I recounted an experience of my […]

Europe’s Nascent Hydrogen Industry

The inaugural ESG Day is becoming more common. Enterprise Products Partners (EPD) held theirs in early March. Pipeline companies are quite rightly asserting their role in combating climate change. EPD noted the beneficial effects of natural gas in limiting coal consumption.  SVP Tony Chovanek also discussed the growing interest in clean-burning hydrogen. Every energy company […]

It’s Lonely At The Fed

A series of recent client meetings in south east Florida was good news in two respects – both as evidence that in-person meetings are slowly returning, and because people want an update on the new momentum sector, pipelines. Although in truth all these clients would have extended friendship at any and all times in the […]

Making LNG Cleaner

In November, Engie, a French utility, pulled out of discussions with NextDecade Corp (NEXT) to import up to $7BN of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). It was a big blow to NEXT, which is seeking partners to underwrite its construction of an LNG export facility in Brownsville, TX. Engie concluded that the natural gas sourced by […]

Is Biden Bullish For Pipelines?

The Trump presidency was unequivocally good for investors. The S&P500 returned 14.9% p.a. during his four-year term. There will be strong opinions on either side, and we’ll leave that debate for others. But it’s fair to say that this beat the expectations held by many when he was elected. Energy executives cheered the loudest when […]