America’s midstream energy infrastructure, the pipelines that move U.S. energy supplies to market is crucial as we strive for American Energy Independence.

Fanatics Protest From a Steel Cell

You might think that using a crane to place steel boxes so as to block all the entrances to a global energy corporation might attract some attention before completed. Nonetheless, Greenpeace successfully demonstrated a gap in business continuity planning, just hours before BP’s annual general meeting. Even at 3am, BP’s global headquarters should have had […]

Better Odds With Pipelines

        New pipelines are becoming harder to build. New York recently blocked a natural gas pipeline planned by Williams Companies (WMB) because of environmental concerns, although WMB plans to reapply. Canada is becoming a more difficult and expensive place in which to build (other than in oil-rich Alberta). Enbridge (ENB) went as […]

Why Keeping Up With Inflation Isn’t Enough

Cher wanted to turn back time to regain love lost. But economists are always turning back time to adjust prices for inflation, to calculate a measure in today’s dollars. This is to provide a relative price, comparable to current purchases. Although mathematically correct, applied over decades or more it produces a misleading picture of what […]

Why Energy Transfer Can’t Get Respect

If Energy Transfer (ET) was a private company contemplating an IPO, the 15% Distributable Cash Flow (DCF) yield indicated by their underwriters would draw laughter. The bankers would be ushered out of the conference room. Yet that is the lowly valuation investors assign to perhaps the least loved pipeline company in a sector that investors […]

Buffett Finds Value in Shale

Warren Buffett likes the Permian Basin. This was clear from Berkshire’s (BRK) proposed $10BN preferred investment in Occidental (OXY) should they buy Anadarko (APC). Berkshire’s annual shareholder meeting was followed as usual with a Becky Quick interview on CNBC. The 8% dividend on the preferred OXY will issue to finance their acquisition could be inducement […]