America’s midstream energy infrastructure, the pipelines that move U.S. energy supplies to market is crucial as we strive for American Energy Independence.

Pipeline Cashflows Continue Higher

Covid accelerated a trend already in place in the U.S. energy sector, which is to grow Free Cash Flow (FCF) rather than production. Chevron’s Investor Day last week promised 10% annual increase in FCF through 2025. This return to shareholder-friendly metrics is attracting investors – including recently Berkshire Hathaway. Midstream energy infrastructure has grasped this […]

Electric Vehicles Are Picking Up Speed

Last month saw U.S. Electric Vehicle (EV) sales up 40% year-over-year. Every Tesla owner I know loves their car – although the February jump was helped by the launch of Ford’s Mustang Mach-E. EV market share (which includes hybrids as well as all-electric vehicles) rose from 1.8% to 2.6% in February. Nonetheless, EV sales fell […]

Energy Stocks Continue To Lead

Fed chair Jay Powell wasn’t to blame for Thursday’s equity market sell-off, no matter what journalists thought. His comments were dovish, reaffirming the Fed’s desire to see meaningful improvement in employment before moderating their bond buying. Tightening is nowhere in sight. Had he said the opposite, markets would have probably fallen further, which simply means […]

The Fed Mutes The Messenger

U.S. bond investors would do well to remind themselves that the Fed’s objective of stable prices is linked to maximizing employment. They have a twin mandate. In theory these goals are aligned, but not all the time. From 1980-82 the U.S. endured two sharp recessions as interest rates were hiked to vanquish inflation. Today, maximizing […]

Bond Investors Are Right To Worry

“At this point, the Federal Open Market Committee is seeking inflation running moderately above 2% for some time.” Fed chair Jay Powell, Senate testimony February 23. The Fed is walking a fine line, and it’s easy to take this comment out of context. Inflation can be too low, and in order to ensure they adhere […]