America’s midstream energy infrastructure, the pipelines that move U.S. energy supplies to market is crucial as we strive for American Energy Independence.

Interview with Pension Pulse

Here’s an interview I did with this Montreal-based website that reports on hedge funds for Canadian institutional clients.

Misbehaving CEOs

Aubrey McClendon has by most accounts assembled a team of very able engineers and geologists as Chesapeake (CHK) has acquired the natural gas assets they own. We’d never invest with CHK because McClendon ‘s risk appetite is too big, but it’s stll interesting to watch what they do because thematically we are in agreement. The element of his compensation […]

Talking Hedge Funds on Bloomberg

Click here to see a spot I did today discussing the hedge fund lobbying group, AIMA, and their recent report promoting hedge funds. They are a soft target.

The Hedge Fund Lobbyists Fight Back

Hedge funds have received quite a battering in the financial press of late. Persistently disappointing results have rightly drawn attention to the high fees, opaque strategies and limited liquidity that characterize much of the industry. My recent book, The Hedge Fund Mirage, has helped promote a long overdue debate about how investors should access some […]

The FOMC's Blue Dots (Tightening) March Closer

Today’s FOMC interest rate forecasts reveal an updated look at the thinking of the Fed. In January The Federal Reserve began releasing forecasts for the year-end Federal Funds rate from each FOMC member. They don’t identify each forecast with a name, but in aggregate this provides a very clear view of thinking on rate policy at […]