America’s midstream energy infrastructure, the pipelines that move U.S. energy supplies to market is crucial as we strive for American Energy Independence.

Sandy’s Aftermath

It turns out that a state of increasing anger at the demonstrated fragility of our energy infrastructure may not be the best place from which to write objectively about the subject; nonetheless that is what I’m going to attempt.* Dark evenings huddled around a gas fireplace hoping the laptop’s battery lasts the length of the […]

Hedge Fund Fees May Be Even Higher Than I Thought

The entire eastern seaboard of the United States is waiting tentatively for Hurricane Sandy’s arrival. Our patio furniture has been safely stored indoors. Batteries and candles are well supplied in anticipation of the inevitable power loss, and with preparations done we wait for the slowly arriving worst storm many of us have ever seen. So […]

Investing on the Edge of the Fiscal Cliff

For investors, 2012 has been a year so far of disasters that did not occur. The Euro did not implode; Greece was not unceremoniously dumped out; Israel has not attacked Iran; and other perhaps even less likely mishaps did not occur. Consequently, it’s been a good year for equity investors if you had the long […]

Are Hedge Funds Ever Expensive?

Yesterday I sat through presentations at a conference on alternatives sponsored by Investment News. The participants were largely financial advisers looking for alternative sources of investment income for their clients’ portfolios given the poor prospects in fixed income currently. This is everybody’s problem and I certainly can sympathize since we do the same thing ourselves every […]

Mingling with Financial Advisers at the Investment News Alternative Investments Conference

I spent the day in Chicago where I’d been invited to debate the merits of my book, The Hedge Fund Mirage, with a pleasant fellow named Ed Butowsky who runs a fund of hedge funds. I’ll leave it to the audience to decide who won – it is the season of debates after all. I’ll […]