America’s midstream energy infrastructure, the pipelines that move U.S. energy supplies to market is crucial as we strive for American Energy Independence.

Looking Beyond $2.71 Natural Gas

Natural Gas prices have been declining for years. The shale gas boom has been great for servicers and consumers, but drillers have been producing so much natural gas that they’re almost giving it away. The Wall Street Journal has an article highlighting the steady increase in domestic production (up around 50% since 2005) and the […]

The Hedge Fund Mirage, #1 on Amazon UK's Professional Investments and Securities Bestseller List

AIMA Defends Hedge Funds

The overall investment experience for hedge fund investors has been so abysmal that most industry professionals are sensibly keeping their heads down. There are great hedge funds to be sure, and happy clients, but the data shows indisputably that these are not the norm. Hedge fund managers themselves of course aren’t responsible for the industry, […]

Hungary Takes Us Back to the Future

Those of us who traded Foreign Exchange in the early 90s will have noticed something familiar today. A country is attempting to fend of a speculative attack on its currency by raising interest rates. Hungary, on the edge of the Euro-zone and its current recession, is expecting barely positive GDP growth this year of 0.5% […]