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  1. michael moran
    michael moran says:

    Simon, I really like your blog and podcasts, but the Senate is not Republican yet, as still have 2 races in Georgia. Also, my view is any cost comps you do between renewables and natural gas, or coal is very misleading. No one know what the cost is. As a simple example, what is the cost to GM to make a pickup truck. Massive upfront development costs which you must assume is over a certain number of units, plus union retirement benefits which you must assume the life of each worker and the inflation rate during the worker’s life. And GM actually makes cars. Think of the assumptions needed to estimate the cost of renewables, then renewables plus battery (and their are no battery back up examples around) and the numbers on the little chart become meaningless.


    Well done. I deeply hope that you are correct about the Senate. However, even if both Georgia seats go to the Democrats, I don’t think that Joe Manchin will go along with the Green New Deal or the destruction of the energy operations and infrastructure in the US.

  3. John Dentice
    John Dentice says:

    Thank you Simon. I have appreciated your expert commentary this year subsequent to my entering the sector post the March meltdown.

  4. tom
    tom says:

    thx simon

    are you sure senate is staying R? Doesn’t look that way to me

    Are you certain volumes are growing (post rebound)? also not clear


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