America leads the world in oil and gas production. We believe midstream energy infrastructure offers predictable cash flows to investors..

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Cost Overruns Plague Big Projects

Earnings continue to meet or modestly beat expectations. 4Q22 EBITDA at Enbridge of $3,911MM beat expectations by $16MM, or around 0.4%. The small margins between actual and expected at many companies highlight the visibility of their earnings. Along with TC Energy, both companies have a long history of dividend growth — 28 years at Enbridge […]

The Pragmatic Energy Transition

The BP Statistical Review of World Energy used to be a fact-based compilation of useful data. Skimming through the 2016 version, it recounts what happened and comments on likely trends. In recent years it has unfortunately degenerated into a political document. The historic data remains useful, but its implausible forecasts are there to defend itself […]

Pipelines Grow Into Lower Risk

Enterprise Products Partners’ (EPD) earnings release last week revealed that leverage (Debt:EBITDA) fell to 2.9X at the end of last year. They are now targeting 3.0X, down from 3.5X previously. This is among the lowest in the industry, and reflects a continuing trend to strengthen balance sheets, de-risking the businesses. Years ago, Kinder Morgan argued […]

More Than A Fiscal Agent

Wednesday’s soothing words on inflation from Fed chair Jay Powell seemed a distant memory after Friday’s blockbuster employment report. The market liked hearing that , “…the disinflationary process has started.” More relevant now is his warning that, “The historical record cautions strongly against prematurely loosening policy.” Investors are Confronting Asymmetric Risks, as we noted on […]

Confronting Asymmetric Risks

The Fed’s mid-week policy meeting will punctuate a busy earnings week. Sell-side analysts continue to ratchet down earnings forecasts. Factset reports bottom-up 2023 earnings expectations of $226, down over 10% compared with last spring when Fed tightening started to have an impact. Energy continues to be a bright spot, providing positive surprises in 4Q earnings […]