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    We publish a weekly blog and monthly newsletter. We usually write about U.S. energy infrastructure but occasionally shift to other investment topics.  All our old blog posts, newsletters and investment results are available on our website. You can sign up to be notified whenever we publish something new.

    Mutual Fund

    Our mutual fund invests in U.S. Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and corporations focused on Energy Infrastructure. We think this sector is one of the most interesting across the U.S. equity market.

    Mutual Fund

    Exchange Traded Fund

    Our energy infrastructure exchange traded fund seeks to track the American Energy Independence Index. Growing production of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids is increasing the need for new infrastructure to move, process and store this output. We anticipate that as the U.S. becomes ever more energy independent, North American infrastructure businesses should benefit.

    ETF Index

    SMA Strategies

    SL Advisors is a registered investment advisor offering investment strategies that can be accessed through separately managed accounts for individuals, family offices and institutions.

    Assets are custodied at Charles Schwab.