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America’s Infrastructure Boom; MLPs as Hedge Funds

In 2012 Simon Lack’s first book, The Hedge Fund Mirage; The Illusion of Big Money and Why It’s Too Good To Be True became a bestseller by revealing through careful analysis that hedge fund managers had kept virtually all the investment profits through fees. Building on his experience seeding hedge funds at JPMorgan where he recognized that owning a hedge fund business was far better than being a hedge fund client, Simon provides plenty of tips and advice for today’s hedge fund investors. This controversial book was widely praised by the financial media and continues to draw strong interest across the industry. Although seemingly unrelated to energy infrastructure, Simon goes on to highlight a little known similarity between hedge funds and Master Limited Partnerships. He shows how properly exploiting this link can enable investors in U.S. energy infrastructure to operate like hedge fund managers and make sure they’re on the right side of America’s drive to Energy Independence and its Shale Revolution.

Wall Street Potholes: Insight from Top Money Managers on Avoiding Dangerous Products

In his first two books, The Hedge Fund Mirage; The Illusion of Big Money and Why It’s Too Good To Be True and Bonds Are Not Forever; The Crisis Facing Fixed Income Investors, Simon went over the heads of money managers in two important asset classes and spoke directly to investors, correctly explaining why future returns were likely to be disappointing. Continuing this theme of providing unvarnished guidance to investors, Simon has teamed up with four finance professionals to expose the hidden costs and other unfriendly features in a range of popular products pushed by Wall Street brokers, including non-traded REITs, structured notes, annuities, municipal bonds and of course hedge funds. This presentation is about Putting Investors First, echoing an important element in CFA Institute’s Future of Finance initiative.