By capitalizing on American technology, ingenuity, and frontier spirit, the Shale Revolution—driven by horizontal drilling and fracking—is turning the world’s energy markets upside down.

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SL Advisors in the News

October 2018: Inside Shale

In Episode 36 Inside Shale podcast, Simon Lack shares with listeners one of America’s greatest success stories, The Shale Revolution.

June 2018: Forbes Magazine

Simon Lack shares his insights with William Baldwin of Forbes magazine in ‘Finding Fat Yields in Energy Infrastructure‘ 

June 2018: Behind the Markets Podcast

Listen to Simon Lack share his thoughts about investing in energy infrastructure with Jeremy Schwartz, host of Behind the Markets Podcast

May 2018: NYSE

SL Advisors Rings the Closing Bell to honor the listing of its Midstream Energy Infrastructure ETF on the NYSE

March 2017: Master in Business Podcast

Simon Lack and host Barry Ritholz discuss hedge funds in this episode of the Master in Business podcast 

October 2013: The Street

Investors Should Reduce their Fixed Income Positions Before it’s too Late

September 2013: Fox Business News

Bonds are a Poor Investment

July 2013: Reuters

Avoid All Fixed Income

March 2013: CNBC

Are Hedge Funds Taking on too Much Risk?

January 2013: Reuters GAIM

No Investor Should be in Fixed Income

September 2012: Opalesque’s TV

Matthias Knab Interview

May 2012: ABC News

The Mirage of Hedge Funds and Big Money